Sport Northern Ireland Webinar – online bookings / event participant restrictions / no shows / contact tracing – Demo!


Mon Feb 8, 2021    
19:30 - 20:30


Bookings closed


Donaghadee Sailing Club
20 Shore Street, Donaghadee, Co Down, BT21 0DG

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A simple demo to illustrate how Donaghadee Sailing Club control physical event bookings online utilising a ‘WordPress’ based website with Event manage plugins in house.


As above add whatever text / titles and subtitles, and whatever video, slideshow or static photos and logos as required to market the / your event!


The section below is a sample booking section, this can be set up to open and close at certain times, restrict the overall numbers able to attend individual sessions, restrict how many places can be booked by an individual at one time to avoid block booking, restrict  and either limit to club members only and or the general public. Events can be free or different ticket prices for child / adult/ member or non member etc.


Bookings either haven't opened yet, or are unfortunately full & have closed for this event.