DSC Merchandise

Ahoy Donaghadee Deckhands!

Are you ready to strut your stuff in the latest high-sea fashion? It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe, Donaghadee Sailing Club style! We’re talking polos that pop, jackets that jazz, and bags that basically brag for you. Sail on over to our exclusive outfitter at World Leisure Wear of Cowes – just a click and a swashbuckle away.

Customise or Walk the Plank!
Want to flaunt your boat name and sail number? As well as the DSC logo, your boat name and sail number can be added under the logo on almost anything you want to wear (well maybe not socks). And hey, you can splash up to 3 lines of bold lettering on the back of most pieces. Talk about making a statement!

Logos Galore!
You have a choice of embroidering either the old style crest or the new burgee shaped logo. Simply request the correct code when ordering.

Discount Ahoy!
Don’t forget to use the code MD10 to knock 10% off your purchase.

There’s More Where That Came From
The portal’s just the tip of the iceberg. If there are any other items you would like branded, please contact the store directly

Fancy Ordering A Fleet’s Worth?
Orders of six or more of a garment of the same colour, in varying sizes, attract a trade discount if ordered via the club. You get your 10% and the rest will benefit the club’s treasure chest. Please contact the office office@donaghadeesc.co.uk with details of exactly what is required and the pricing from the portal. Payment will be required prior to the order being placed, pay over the bar or by bank transfer or cheque.

So hoist the mainsail and set course for style! Let’s make sure you’re looking sharp enough to outshine the competition, both on and off the water.