Club Equipment

Members can hire Club equipment (T&Cs apply)


The GP14 is a popular sailing dinghy which can be used for both racing and cruising. The GP14 is used for all levels of sailing, from training beginners through club racing to competing at regional, national and world events. As a relatively stable boat it is ideal to learn to sail in and is sailed by people of all ages and abilities. For competitive racing there is a wide tolerance of all-up crew weight.

Club Inventory: 2

Laser Stratos Keel

The Laser Stratos is an all-round cruising and racing boat built from a fibre-glass and foam sandwich. Our Laser Stratos have a keel (similar to most yachts). The Stratos is quite spacious and most of the rigging is kept out of the way.

Club Inventory: 2


The RS200 is one of the most popular two person sailboats of today. Perfect for moderate weight teams, it’s a winner with mixed crews, young sailors and family teams.

Club Inventory: 1

RS200 sailing on the water

Race Topper

The Topper Class is fun and friendly but competitive, and is responsible for developing some of the best young sailors in the world! But, the Class not only produce exceptional sailing talent, they also help sailors acquire key life skills to help them fulfil their true potential including independence, confidence, team work and physical fitness.

The club reserves 6 toppers in race ready condition for competent junior club members to hire either long term and or for specific events. There’s both 4.2 and full rig boats available.

Club Inventory: 6

Laser Pico

A small sailboat, can be crewed by one or two children or one adult. The Laser Pico is considered by many to be the best boat to introduce new sailors to the sport and the best teaching boat available. 

Club Inventory: 8


Fatstick Inflatable Paddleboards

Club Inventory: 7


Single person Kayaks

Club Inventory: 3