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RYA OnBoard / BNS Registration Update

A huge welcome to all the new and old faces who attended our annual sign up for BNS. Thank you for your patience last Friday night – it got a wee bit hectic at times. For now we think we’re at full capacity! Apologies to those that have missed out this time round .

We are aware some people had friends who didn’t get down or register online, so a waiting list is available to try to accommodate those who are keen to attend. We will drop more information on that on this page and Facebook when spaces become available.

The safety and wellbeing of all our BNS / RYA participants and volunteers is our priority.

DSC must operate within RYA safety and child protection policies and our own rules and capabilities – therefore we cannot overwhelm our admin system on any Friday night sessions, our safety or shore based crews, hence unfortunately why we must impose limits to the numbers we can accommodate. All these systems and procedures may seem trivial to some of our parents etc, but they are there to ensure the safety of our young people out on the water. As a parent or carer I’m sure you will understand the issues keeping a few children safe and happy at one time- never mind 30-40!

We have limited resources as a small club, we’ve limited trained and competent people to run the event every Friday evening, maintain the equipment, run the webpage bookings & admin in the background, open the bar and cook on the bbq etc. Would you believe that most of us got started and involved as Bright Night’s parents ourselves , some almost a decade ago, some only just started – perhaps consider getting involved, and giving a hand?

DSC is a volunteer run club for our members – our volunteers and club officers are all volunteers that work for free to see the club and local community benefit from our sport and facilities, they’re not in employment, so please be respectful and courteous.