You are currently viewing ‘New’ Race Series announcement!

‘New’ Race Series announcement!

DSC ‘Late Summer’ race series #1

Starting this Sunday 15th August – running for 4 weeks!

Race series is open to all those with previous race experience and capable of launching and recovery without assistance. Juniors must have passed L3 & L4 and or have completed an assessment event to prove their competence after the long Covid layoff.

Proposal is to have a race series in each month,  August on Wednesday nights and Sundays, September etc based on Sundays followed by a monthly prize giving. There will be 2 races each day with the  second race following immediately after the first.

The start sequence will be 541 go. Courses will be triangle /sausage / triangle. The race time limit will be 30 minutes. Boats that do not finish within the time limit will be whiskey flagged and will be awarded a score equal to the total number of boats.

The starting line shall be between a rescue boat and a buoy at the pin end. All marks of the course shall be of a temporary medium sized yellow bouy.

2 discards will be allowed for the series. A non-appearance can be considered as a discard on 2 occasions. A non-appearance or DNS shall attract a score of the number of boats +1.

Scoring will be on the basis of the low points system, person with the lowest points will win the series. Points are awarded to an individual regardless of the boat they mail sail any given week. For those in a double handed boat, both crew will receive equal points. Naturally if these people sail together and win every week, they will win the series, no different to normal.

Scoring can be done with a simple spread sheet with some formula.

Corrected time = elapsed time in seconds x100/PY handicap

Boats available

  • Any privately owner boat
  • 6 club toppers (not the new race ones)
  • 8 club picos
  • 2 club lasers
  • 2 club GP14s
  • 1 club RS200

There will be no booking of boats. Where a number of parties want to use a particular boat e.g. the RS200 or a laser, the helms names will be drawn from a hat.

Currently double handed boats may be sailed by those from the same household or by competent sailors with suitable mitigation.

Scoring example

Week 1
Dave 0.75 Sarah 0.75 – RS 200
Steve – 2 – laser
Paul 3 – topper
James 4 – topper

Week 2
Dave 0.75 – topper
James 2 – laser
Paul 3 – laser
Sarah 4 – laser
Steve 5 – topper

Week 3
Paul 0.75 – laser
James 2 – topper
Dave 3  Sarah 3 – RS200
Steve 5 – laser

Total (boat class irrelevant):
Dave 4.5
Paul 6.75
Sarah 7.75
James 8
Steve 12

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