RYA OnBoard – Friday 12th August 2022 Youth Sailing 2022 session #2 8.00pm

RYA OnBoard - Friday 12th August 2022 Youth Sailing 2022 session #2 8.00pm

Date(s): Fri Aug 12, 2022
Time: 20:00 - 21:00


Donaghadee Sailing Club


Event Details

Children having fun on a dinghy during youth course

Welcome Back!

We’ve chopped and changed things about again this week, to see if we can  accommodate everyone on the first and second sessions rather than running a poorly subscribed 3rd session, we’ll try this for a week or 2 and modify accordingly to suit numbers.

Booking this session requires your child to have been registered with DSC at the registration evening prior to this event.

This page is for booking the 2nd session for participants please arrive at 7.30pm and we’ll be ready to go afloat just before 8pm.

Please arrive at the club dressed & ready to go sailing, as promptly as possible and 15 mins before your session starts to facilitate booking onto our safety system, allocating to a dinghy / helm for the session and changeover from a previous session.

Please register on arrival, Parents may stay and relax  in either the bar area, the courtyard, or the promenade to watch the sailing.

Participants will be escorted by a nominated adult across the road to the slipway before the session and back to the rear courtyard afterwards. Participants will be given a temporary armband as a tagging system is in operation, please ensure this is surrendered before leaving the facility.

Parents are asked to observe the covid guidelines, ‘Hands, Face & Space’,  social distancing, and occupancy rules within the club facilities. Disposable face masks, and sanitiser are readily available.

Parents please respect and comply with our child protection policy and do not enter the junior changing rooms for any reason without explicit permission from, and accompanied by a senior club member!




Participant session #2

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