Adult Sailing Courses

The RYA National Sailing Scheme starts with the three basic modules shown in the table below. These are followed by the more advanced modules of “sailing with spinnakers” and “performance sailing” and a progression of racing modules.


RYA National Sailing Scheme – Basic Courses

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Introducing you sailing with all you need to know to get afloat under supervision Setting out the foundations of sailing for you Consolidating skills and trying new ones
Assumed knowledge None Sailing skills to the standard of Level 1 Sailing skills to the standard of Level 2
Minimum duration 2 days 2 days, but is often combined with the Level 1 course into a 4 or 5 day course 2 days or equivalent
Minimum age 16 16 16
Course content How to sail in all directions, including an awareness of launching and recovering Rigging, launching, sailing in all directions. Capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge Coaching of level 1 and 2 skills and taster sessions from the advanced modules
Ability after course Able to sail in light winds under supervision Able to sail and make decisions in good conditions More confident in sailing skills and techniques, and ready to progress onto the advanced modules


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RYA Dinghy Start Sailing L1 (16+)

Dinghy Level 1 – Start Sailing

This introduction to dinghy sailing – RYA Start Dinghy Sailing Course – has been created specifically for those of you that are new to the sport of dinghy sailing.

The aim of this two day course is to equip you with a variety of skills and theory to enable you to sail competently around a designated course.

You will get a chance to sail in our larger dinghies (2-3 people plus an instructor) and/or single handed boats (1 person only). Plenty of time is spent helming your boat under the careful guidance of our instructors, along with the background theory to give you everything you need to “Start Dinghy Sailing“.

Course outcome:-
RYA National Syllabus and Log Book – RYA Dinghy Level 1 Start Sailing Certificate

 RYA Keelboat Start Sailing – Level 1 (16+)

Keelboat Level 1 – Start Sailing

Course details as above, only in one of our small keelboats
Course outcome – RYA National Syllabus and Log Book –  RYA Level 1 Start Sailing Certificate

Course available on request

RYA Dinghy Basic Skills L2 (16+)

Dinghy Level 2 – Basic Skills

This RYA Basic Skills Course is for those that have completed the Start Dinghy Sailing course, or those with some sailing experience who wish to advance their skills. You will continue to refine your sailing skills with as much time as possible afloat in a variety of dinghies. You will become independently responsible of the full process of getting on the sea and for making good decisions once afloat. On completion of this course, you should be able to rig, launch and confidently sail your own dinghy without an instructor on board.

Course outcome – RYA Basic Skills L2 certificate

RYA Keelboat Basic Skills L2 (16+)

Keelboat Level 2 – Basic Skills

Course details as above, only in one of our small keelboats

Course outcome – RYA Basic Skills L2 certificate

Course available on request

Dinghy L3 – Better sailing (16+)

Dinghy Level 3 – Better Sailing

This improver course seeks to bridge the gap between Start Sailing L1, Basic Skills (L2) and the five Advanced Modules. It is intended to make the transition easier for those sailors wishing to progress further through the scheme, allowing them opportunity to practice and

Consolidate their techniques and also have a taster of what some of the advanced modules have to offer. This will help build confidence, support progression and enable a greater chance of success and achievement of the advanced module outcomes.

More emphasis will be given to two person dinghies.

Course outcome – RYA Basic Skills L3 certificate

Sailing with Spinnakers (16+)

Dinghy Sailing with Spinnakers

Being able to sail with a spinnaker changes the whole concept of sailing down wind. It is great fun and commands concentration and constant trimming of the sail. The helm and crew work together to keep the boat balance and trim correct and thus getting the best from the boat. By gaining confidence and understanding of sailing with the spinnaker you will broaden your opportunities in the sport and is also ideal for getting involved in racing double handed boats.

Course available on request

Performance sailing (16+)

This course is aimed for those who have continued sailing on a regular basis for a full season since gaining a level 2 certificate. If you are not following the RYA pathway then view it as a course for a competent sailor who can sail independently of an instructor and wants to improve their techniques. Our instructors will focus on particular boat handling skills that will enable you to perform better. Our double handed boats will be used and conditions permitting, spinnaker work will also be part of the course content.

Course available on request