DSC COVID-19 Rules and Procedures

Last updated: June 2021

BEFORE VISITING: Guidelines for Observing COVID-19 Restrictions when visiting Donaghadee Sailing Club (DSC)

In order to safely reopen the club dinghy parks and access to the slipway we have had to implement a booking system to limit the number of sailors at the club.

We would ask that ALL members planning to visit the club, read these guidelines carefully before booking or arriving at DSC and check them before making future visits as they will be periodically updated with the latest information. We will have sailing available for small groups in sessions, up to 15 can book per session. This is required in accordance with NI Executive and RYA guidelines. The online booking system is an important part of the club being able to return to the water as it allows us to manage numbers and provides track & trace records if required.


The COVID-19 preventative measures are vital to protecting health and wellbeing and to minimising pressure on the frontline services.

We all have a role to play in adhering to the Government guidelines and therefore we ask you to observe the following:

◾Are you fit to visit? Please do not attend DSC if you, or anyone in your household, are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

◾Book your visit: Please book your visit on the club website, completing one form for each visit you intend to make.

DSC is currently operating on the N Ireland executive guidance of ‘Hands, face, and space’ please show courtesy to other members and observe this practice as required.

◾Before travelling: Please check the club website and Facebook for the latest information; if changes in Government guidelines require the Club to be closed again, this will be communicated by these methods. We will also send email notification of any changes.

◾At all times please show consideration for others by respecting the social distancing requirement of 1 metre outside.

◾Those coming to the Club may engage in single handed dinghy sailing or double handed dinghy sailing with members of your own household, or if both crew are competent sailors and agree to mitigation guidelines. Sailing on Keelboat requires mitigation measures to be put in place. Members may also visit the boat parks to carry out maintenance work on their boats.

◾Please be aware of inherent risks and minimise contact with shared hard surfaces. Ensure hands are thoroughly washed before your arrival and bring hand sanitiser for personal use. Hand sanitiser will also be available at clearly marked areas around the club. The club is undergoing regular sanitising.

◾Please bring your own equipment when working on your boats and if you have to use club equipment for any reason, please bring cleaning products and cloths and clean any hard surfaces before and after use.

◾DSC Junior member sailing – For Juniors under the age of 16 we require a parent or adult family member to remain within the vicinity of the club whilst the junior member is on the water.

◾If you suspect any equipment has been exposed to the virus, clean thoroughly and immediately advise the club duty flag officer or RYA Principal. This equipment must not be used for a period of 72 hours.

◾Water hoses will not be available to rinse boats.

◾Members visiting DSC must not gather in groups of more than 15 (with social distancing maintained), unless it is with members of your own household.

◾Please observe and follow guidance any signage on site. The slip way should use traffic management as determined by duty Beach master to control flow of boats and trollies, please allow room to social distance whilst rigging.

◾Restrictions are in place to ensure overcrowding does not take place, this will be managed via the booking system, please note that advance booking is in line with government guidance.

◾The club house facilities and changing rooms are now open, but to reduce risk, please arrive ready to sail! Please observe the limitations on numbers allowed in each changing room.

◾Please bring your own drinks with you, especially if the weather is warm and do not share water bottles or food.

◾Please give careful consideration to prevailing conditions, your own competancy and the condition of your equipment, when taking the decision to go afloat. DSC flag officers and or the RYA principal have the overriding authority to cancel or postpone ‘club organized sailing activity’ or to restrict participation to those members deemed competent for the prevailing conditions during the planned ‘session’.

◾‘Support boat’s’ may be crewed by a member individually (with RYA Safety Boat Qualification & RYA First Aid), by a competent and qualified crew from different households with mitigation in place, or as a pair from the same household (the helm with RYA Powerboat Level 2 & RYA First Aid). Support boats have been moored in Donaghadee Harbour to avoid launching and recovery opeartions, additional water resistant containors have been provided with ppe and cleaning material.

◾Support / Safety crews should adhere to the published rota and also use the online booking system.

General COVID-19 policy for attending DSC premises and organised events.

COVID-19 Training Policy

This policy sets out the DSC process for training and participant responsibilities.

DSC will ensure all instructors are updated with the current guidelines and restrictions and all static and dynamic risk assessment outcomes & mitigation measures are in place.

DSC instructors reserve the right to ask a training course or event participant(s) to observe and be compliant with the current DSC and or N. Ireland Executive guidlines/restrictions. Failure to comply and or obey the rules, placing the participant or the staff & participants at risk, may upon escalation to a DSC flag officer or RYA Training Principal, deem the participant being removed from the training course or event, and any course or event fees being forfeited.

COVID-19 Event/Course cancellation policy

DSC will offer all participants the option to receive a full refund and or an alternative date to resume training if the event is cancelled due to guidlines or restrictions curtailing the planned event. Refunds at the discretion of DSC will be processed in the form of a bank transfer within 10 working days.

As per the DSC general guidelines we would ask a participant to comply with ‘not attending’ a training course or event if he or she feels unwell or any member of their household becomes unwell. DSC will endeavour to offer an alternative booking for the trainee once they have undertaken the health authority precautions and or have made a full recovery. Upon receipt of proof of a positive test DSC at their discretion will either provide an alternative course or may again at their discretion provide a refund to the participant in the form of a bank transfer within 10 workin days.

Changing Rooms

As far as possible, sailing or course participants should be encouraged to arrive and depart in sailing kit ready to go onto the water. Please note indoor sports facilities must comply with visitor and attendee information requirements. Showers may now be used for some events.

An activity must have an appropriate risk assessment and clearly outlined mitigations in place. Use of changing facilities will be limited to the space available, 2 metres social distancing requirement. Masks should be worn when walking into and out of the changing space. Please sanitise your bench area before and after use with the sprays provided. The shower fans will be set to operate during the period when changing rooms are occupied. To manage the available space and comply with tracking a sign in/out sheet will be placed at the wet entrance to both the ladies and gents changing areas. Members MUST sign in and on leaving. Please sanitise your hands, before using the pen. Please take all your belongings with you when you exit, returning your bag back to your car.

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