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Stop Press :  Support RYA Pirates Day at the DSC Bay Race Series on Saturday 25th August at 6.00pm. In aid of RYA Sailability (Sailing for the Disabled); DSC is a registered Foundation Level facility.   Win Percy the Pirate Parrot (currently residing in the Clubhouse entrance…whose a pretty boy then!)


     Regattas are for everyone……….

       as are balconies ………………..Regatta Day, DSC Saturday 18th August 2012
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Family Picnic & BBQ to the Copelands Sunday 19th August 2012 

A grand day out had by 70,80,90+ club members out on the Copelands. We arrived by dinghy, cruiser, motor boats, Drascombe and safety boats and we all, eventually, got back home! A huge thank you to all those on the helms – Danky, Derek, Sara, Michael, Tony, Timmy and Noel who made sure we got there and, as importantly, got back home in one piece. Great boat handling skills all round…a credit to all helms, sailing and motoring,and the Club. It is in great hands.
Thomas enjoying his trip to the Copelands

Richard & Co underwayJohn & Julia nearly there…………

Now, didn’t I say I was taking you somewhere romantic on Sunday………Derek, you shouldn’t have!
The Club Drascombe back in action.

Nothing like marshmallows over an open fire!

Men on a mission………………………………Yes…it’s boules time on the Copelands (They were practising for Boxing Day 2012 John!)

Keep rowing John…we can see the Harbour!Time to go!Hitching a lift home

Donaghadee Regatta Saturday 18th August 2012

Twas a grand day……………………….when even the Commodore took to the water (well, someone has to come last!)

With many, many thanks to everyone who participated on and off the water, all our guests from the sailing clubs around Belfast Lough and Lady Sylvia Hermon. Particular thanks too to our Regatta Sponsors Pier 36.


Enjoying DSC’s great hospitality.


Everyone wanted to win one of the lovely hip flasks……………………………


Sam Wilkinson                                      Michael Rutherford                                       Cruiser Unrestricted : Squawk


Conrad Parkinson                           Cruiser Whitesail (1021 to 1075)                Cruiser White Sail (1076&above)

Blue Squirrel :  BYC/RUYC                                  Kaju II : CAYC/CSC


Ryan Charteris                              Our wee Daniel                             Steven & Daniel Nelson(it’s only for Ribena!)

Spot the Joker!                        Finishing off the goodies….

DSC  Training & Sailing Opportunities continue on……………..

Friday Nights for all                     24th & 31st August from 6.30pm

Monday Night Progression for Level 4/ Competent Helms   from 6.30pm

Bay Race Series                For all Competent Helms       Have a go at racing in the Bay& hone your skills

Saturday 25th August             6.00pm                 Support RYA Pirates Day in aid of Sailability & win Percy the Pirate Parrot (currently residing in the Clubhouse entrance…whose a pretty boy then!)

Saturday 8th September         5.00pm

RYANI  Pathway Training

Remember that you can participate in the RYANI’s Open Pathway Training sessions for racing Toppers and Lasers…..

Toppers              Saturday 22nd September

Lasers                Saturday 8th & 23rd September

The RYANI Open Pathway Training (OPT) is open to all Northern Irish sailors under the age of 16 in Topper, Optimist and Laser 4.7 classes.  Training may also be provided for U19s in the Laser class. www.ryani.org.uk for further information.

The RYANI Youth Championships

Saturday & Sunday 29th & 30th September

Ballyholme Yacht Club, Bangor


Your opportunity to try out for the RYANI Youth Squads.

Instructor Training Course

Our many congratulations to the following Juniors who have completed instructor training courses; it means that the Club is building a great team of instructors for not only our RYA training courses but our Friday Nights and Improver Classes. Their support is essential to retaining and progressing our Juniors….it is they who can truly inspire a generation and we thank them for their support

Oisin McClelland       Dinghy Instructor

James Dowling        Senior Instructor

Sara Parkinson        Dinghy Instructor

Lucy Burrows         Dinghy Instructor & Race Coach

Rory Butler              Dinghy Instructor

Patrick Butler           Dinghy Instructor

This training also includes Power Boat  and First Aid qualifications. In addition we also have a number of other Juniors who have acquired their PB qualifications through the CCF

Annie Skeats          PB Level II & Advanced Lifesaving Award

Anna Aitken           PB Level II

 If I have have missed anyone please let me know on S56_Millar@Hotmail.com and could I again ask everyone who hasn’t had a chance yet to leave a copy of their qualification(s) into the office (marked for Shirley’s attention) asap please? This includes Darren, Mark, David, Danky….and anyone else who hasn’t had a chance yet!

RYANI is running a Dinghy Instructor Pre-Assessment Course on Sunday September 9th with the DI Course from October 29th 2012. www.ryani.org.uk for further information

Remember that DSC will support Club members interested in doing instructor training courses in return for working on training courses in the Club to the value of the support given. Please contact us on office@donaghadeesc.co.uk for further information


Date for Diary

Commodore’s Day                  Saturday 15th September                          Morning & Afternoon Races

Prize Giving & Tea in the Clubhouse

……….more details to follow







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