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A grand day out had by 70,80,90+ club members out on the Copelands. We arrived by dinghy, cruiser, motor boats, Drascombe and safety boats and we all, eventually, got back home! A huge thank you to all those on the helms – Danky, Derek, Sara, Michael, Tony, Timmy and Noel who made sure we got there and, as importantly, got back home in one piece. Great boat handling skills all round…a credit to all helms, sailing and motoring,and the Club. It is in great hands.
Thomas enjoying his trip to the Copelands Now, didn’t I say I was taking you somewhere romantic on Sunday………Derek, you shouldn’t have!
The Club Drascombe back in action.

Nothing like marshmallows over an open fire!

Men on a mission………………………………Yes…it’s boules time on the Copelands (They were practising for Boxing Day 2012 John!)

Keep rowing John…we can see the Harbour!Time to go!Hitching a lift home

Family Picnic for Members on the Beach  Sunday 19th August

Blow away the cobwebs or the hangover. Which beach we’re not sure..it’ll be the Copelands or Ballyvester Beach depending on the weather.

Meet at 1.00pm at the slipway with your picnic, bbq, beach volleyball set (remember Rio is only 4 years away now!), boules, rounders set………..We’ll go by dinghy, cruiser, canoe, safety boats (and if Ballyvester, access is also possible by car but not the same fun!)….we’ll fit you all in hopefully by hook or by crook. Bring / wear suitable clothing & bouyancy aids or lifejackets if you have.

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