Last week 14th June had to be cancelled due to the unseasonal weather! Hopefully a little less wind this Friday evening to enable us to get everyone on the water in a safe and controlled manner!


Watch the Facebook pages for updates – the organising team will be monitoring the weather before hand, the tide will be on its way out, but hopefully provide enough shelter to get us started, We’ll publish any ‘Cancellation’ notices before 17.15 on the Friday if we have to!


Some folks were having difficulty finding the links to the booking page for Friday BNS…

so in case you can’t find them:








& Helms


Hopefully everyone has found the revised booking form easier to fill in with relevant details and all be happier that the website is now approving your booking immediately (if there’s space left on the session), and providing a confirmation there and then! Email confirmation are still flaky in some instances but we’re hopefully making progress (make sure that the email you type in is correct please!).


Thank – you BNS Team.