About DSC

Donaghadee Sailing Club
Flag Officers

Commodore:                Fraser Menzies
Vice Commodore:       William Anderson
Honorary Secretary:    Mark Larmour
Hon Sailing Secretary: Donald MacVicar
Hon Treasurer:              Fiona Pritchard

General Committee Members
The General Committee consists of key senior members in the Club and are responsible for overseeing the running of Donaghadee Sailing Club.

DSC Committee Visual 2014-15

Social Committee
The Social Committee at Donaghadee Sailing Club organises and plans the Club social calendar. For information please contact Coirle Butler on 07753 579726. More members are always welcome – please contact: office@donaghadeesc.co.uk

Sailing Committee
The Sailing Committee organises and runs the clubs sailing calendar from fun sailing to racing.

Fraser Menzies
James Ogg
Stuart Ogg
John Rutherford
Willie Anderson

Friday Night Sub-Committee
Ian Dancklefsen
Ali Boyd

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is a specialised committee formed to oversee and organise the financing of DSC with respect to the development programme

Ivan Heaney
Fiona Pritchard
David Knox
Tony Skeats

Junior Commodore
Lucy Burrows

Junior Committee
Rory Butler
Patrick Butler
Lucy Burrows
Liz Pollock
Ellen Aitken

The Youth Convenor representative on the GC is Alvin Walker. Contact Alvin on office@donaghadeesc.co.uk

Maintenance Committee (Not the Tufty Club)
This Committee carries out essential day-to-day maintenance on the Clubhouse including putting up shelves, installing insulation, overseeing kitchen hygiene requirements, putting up curtains, painting & varnishing, cutting grass, taking bottles to the bottle bank and much much more. Without them the Club would not be maintained to its current high standard.
Convenor ; John Townson – contact on office@donaghadeesc.co.uk

Any Club member is welcome to come along, as often as you wish, on a Thursday morning in the Clubhouse 10.30-12.30 to help. Do come along for some craic, a chat & a great cup of coffee (and cake).

Membership Secretariat
Administration of new membership applications to the Club and providing essential information to all members.
Victoria Dews
For information on membership send an email to office@donaghadeesc.co.uk